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Welcome to our Champion Academy!

Welcome to the home of champions in Raleigh, NC: in life, personal growth and competition. Everyone has a champion inside; Taekwondo world champion W.H. Jun can help you discover and develop your unique skills to reach your full potential.

A two-time World Champion Taekwondo Grand Master and 17 year National Team Head Coach, Grand Master Jun has taught a variety of people from individuals to Olympic competitors. His continually supportive approach allows students to reach their full potential. With worldwide experience and a rich personal history, he also conveys the beauty and importance of Martial Arts. Children and adults are invited to learn and enjoy at Jun's World Champion Taekwondo.

We’d like to thank you for choosing Jun's World Champion Taekwondo. We consider it a destined and special relationship between the school and you and, therefore, we will do our best to discover each student’s fullest potential. As a top school, we focus on continuous support and individual attention.

Our training is based on these guiding principles.  Our first priority is to embed these principles in all of our students for application both in the gym and in the rest of their lives.  It is our hope and mission that through our continuous effort our students will have pride in themselves.